The Ministry of Defense announced the destruction of saboteurs in one of the directions: Ukraine: former USSR:

Officer of the Zapad Polovodov group: Russian forces destroyed saboteurs in the direction of Kupyansk

Yevgeny Polovodov, an officer of the press center of the Zapad group, announced the destruction of Ukrainian saboteurs in the direction of Kupyansk by Russian forces. His words convey RIA News.

According to Polovodov, two sabotage and reconnaissance groups were destroyed in the area of ​​​​Rozovka and Novoselovskoye settlements. They included servicemen of the 103rd Separate Territorial Defense Brigade and the 92nd Separate Mechanized Brigade of the Armed Forces. Ukraine (UPA).

Near Petropavlovka, Russian gunners destroyed a D-20 towed howitzer belonging to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, as well as Akatsia and Krab self-propelled artillery mounts. Additionally, the counter-battery battle has been going on for about Volchansk.

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