The legendary investor called the collapse of SVB the first sign of the crisis Russian News FR

Ray Dalio called the collapse of SVB bank the first sign of a serious impending crisis

Legendary investor Ray Dalio called the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) the first sign of a serious crisis looming. The words of a billionaire lead internal business.

The founder of the investment company Bridgewater Associates is convinced that the consequences will be felt not only in the field of venture capital investments, but in the whole financial sector. Dalio thinks that in the future Federal Reserve Systemwho in UNITED STATES fulfills the functions of the central bank, will continue to tighten monetary policy. Thus, in the end, several other companies may collapse – they will have to sell assets at a loss.

For his part, the American billionaire, founder of the hedge fund Citadel Griffin saidthat American capitalism is collapsing before our eyes. Griffin believes that “because the government completely bailed out depositors” there was a loss of financial discipline and the authorities should not have taken such drastic measures.

Silicon Valley Bank became the largest bank to fail since the 2008 financial crisis. It ranked 16th in terms of assets.

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