The Kremlin answered a question about Bastrykin’s initiative to create a judicial body Russian News FR

Peskov answered a question about the initiative of the head of the Bastrykin investigative commission to create a judicial body

Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov could not comment on the leader’s initiative Investigation Committee Alexandra Bastrykina create in Russia international judicial body in response to western countries, because I haven’t seen any information about it yet. Reports about it RIA News.

“I haven’t seen this information yet,” the agency quoted a Kremlin spokesman as saying.

March 17 Bastrykin spoke with the initiative to create an international judicial body to bring Ukrainian war criminals to justice. He noted that the West is preparing international judicial bodies to hold Russia accountable, in this regard, the TFR, in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice, should start similar work.

In February, Bastrykine saidthat the representatives of the armed forces Ukraine they cut off the heads of dead mercenaries so that they cannot be identified, and thus hide their data.

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