The investigation has demanded the arrest in absentia of former Meduza editor Ilya Krasilshchik, who is accused in the case of “forgery” about the Russian military.

The investigation sent a request to the court for the arrest in absentia of the former editor of Meduza, Ilya Krasilshchik. He is accused of “spreading falsehood” about the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation for posting on Instagram on the killing of civilians in Bucha, Kyiv region.

Examination of the inquiry request, informed lawyer Sergey Badamshin, scheduled for March 16 at Basmanny District Court in Moscow.

“It seems to me that Ilya Iosifovich will miss this event,” Badamshin wrote, noting that the Dyer is outside of Russia and has no plans to return.

Ilya Krasilshchik is the former editor of Afisha, former editor of Meduza and former director of Yandex.Lavka. Shortly after the start of the full-scale invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine, the Dyer launched project “Support Service” is a media and support service for victims of war.

An article about the “falseness” and “discrediting” of the Russian military appeared in the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation shortly after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Dozens of criminal charges have been filed against them.

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