The head of the German Foreign Ministry has been criticized for spending millions on his appearance Russian News EN

Express: German Foreign Minister Burbock criticized for spending millions on makeup artist

Taxpayers Union Germany slammed Foreign Secretary Annalena Burbock for spending millions on a make-up artist. This is reported Express.

According to the publication, in total in 2022, the head of the country’s Foreign Ministry spent 137,000 euros on the services of a make-up artist. “Greens are leading the way on aesthetic spending,” the article reads. It should also be noted that last year German Cabinet spending increased by at least 80%.

“Government [канцлера ФРГ Олафа] Scholz spends vast amounts of tax revenue to literally look good. Last year, the costs for photographers alone amounted to more than 1.2 million euros,” representatives of the Taxpayers’ Union added in an interview with the portal.

In November 2022, Twitter users reacted to Annalena Burbock’s post on Nazism.

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