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Journalists from the Leningrad region launched a flashmob at the International Criminal Court

Journalists from Leningrad region became the initiators of a flash mob addressed to the international criminal court. Correspondents and presenters of the LenTV24 television channel went on air on Crimean Spring Day with posters “ICC! I – Cheese fries! On this subject informed press service of the government of the Leningrad region.

The flash mob was supported by locals, who posted messages on social media with similar posters and the hashtag #MUSPutinetoya. People expressed outrage at the decision of the organization that issued the arrest warrant against the President of the Russian Federation.

“We would like to inform all twenty judges that there are many Putins in our country. For example, the editorial staff of our TV channel is a Putin collective. And each of us individually is also Putin. And 90% of the passers-by in our streets are Poutines. Are you there in court, in your eyes has not yet accused of Putin’s invasion? Nothing, it will recharge soon. Because #MUSPunetoya”, the channel’s journalists commented on their action on their social network page.

The action was supported by young activists from the region. “Yesterday the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued an arrest warrant for our President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. This is another step in the information war against our state.

#Young people have always supported and continue to support the President of Russia, who puts the interests of the Fatherland and its multinational people first! The #Molodezhny47 team supports Vladimir Vladimirovich! Such “judicial decisions” can be recognized as criminal of each of the 150,000,000 inhabitants Russia“, they said.

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