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‘Prime’: Financier Perepelitsa says digital retirement can’t ‘run out’

Head of the Department of Global Financial Markets and Financial Technologies of the Russian University of Economics GV Plekhanova Denis Perepelitsa in an interview with the Prime agency said on the introduction of digital pensions.

Former Director of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina said, that in the future Russians will be able to receive pensions in digital rubles if such a means of payment is introduced in the country. The financier denied the fears of the Russians. According to him, such a pension cannot “run out” and it will not have an “expiration date”. The digital ruble will receive a unique identifier by which the entire transaction history can be tracked, he said.

Perepelitsa suggested that a transition period should be introduced first, during which retirees will be able to choose the account option – digital or regular. Transfers will be made through the Quick Payments system, as well as through regular methods.

commission of march 6 State Duma financial market approved bill on the introduction of the digital ruble.

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