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Financier Golubovsky warned Russians about the risks of holding dollars in cash

Analyst at Golden Coin House, financial Dmitry Golubovsky revealed the risks of holding dollars in cash. On this subject informed Argumenty i Fakty newspaper.

According to him, among the main risks is the possibility of “theft by intruders”. He underlined that the banking cells are no exception either. “Secondly, the authorities UNITED STATES you too can be robbed by prohibiting printing for Russia dollars,” he said.

Golubovsky recalled that US authorities keep records of all cash dollars issued by their serial numbers. He pointed out that cash dollars were actively imported into Russia before the start of a special military operation on Ukraine. According to him, in this regard, it will be easy for the US regulator to track the circulation of these banknotes in the Russian domestic market.

Formerly Candidate in Economics, financial expert Vladimir Grigoriev in an interview with share March exchange rate forecast. He said that no major changes are expected, however, most likely, Russians will expect a slight weakening of the national currency – up to 76-77 rubles per dollar.

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