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Narusova: New law does not explain difference between criticizing and discrediting NWO members

Member constitutional commission Federation Council Ludmila Narusova turned out to be the only senator to vote against the Sanctions Act for discrediting all participants in the Special Military Operation (OSV) of the Ukraine. She talked about it RIA News.

The senator explained her position by the fact that the law does not specify the difference between criticism and discredit of armed formations or the army. “Yes [проголосовала против]because they didn’t explain to me what the difference is between criticism and discredit, and without criticism it’s an abnormal society,” Narusova said.

Additionally, RBC son some additional remarks from the meeting of the Federation Council, during which a dispute ensued between Narusova and the speaker of the upper house of the Russian parliament Valentina Matvienko.

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During the discussion, Narusova said that Matvienko’s critical statements about Russian industry could also be legally interpreted as discrediting. Formerly Matvienko Express surprised that Russia, which is a major metal producer and exporter, has to import nails. In response to this, the Federation Council Chairman joked that the senator is “bringing it under the article.”

Council of the Federation of March 15 approved in its plenary session, a law introducing administrative liability with a maximum penalty of 500,000 rubles for discrediting all participants in a special military operation in Ukraine, including volunteers.

This The State Duma accepted sanctions law for discrediting all participants in the special military operation in Ukraine, it was reported the day before, March 14.

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