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Economist Samiev announced a possible decline in GDP and a subsequent crisis in the next 10 years

Expert Pavel Samiev said the world over the next decade could face a super-crisis. According to the economist’s forecast, people will see low GDP growth rates, massive unemployment and related social problems, the agency reports.Prime“.

He noted that these problems emerged during the period of a relatively strong economy and will only intensify during its recession. Samiyev suggested that no one would bother with it, because in the next ten years more serious problems related to global security will appear.

“Challenges related to the low standard of living of the poorest segments of the population will be aggravated to the risk of growing discontent and protest moods in large and important countries,” said Pavel Samiev.

The economist explained that experts suggest a recession, the prerequisites for its occurrence are already formed. However, none of the experts expect a sharp drop in GDP and a reset in the global economy.

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“According to Kondratiev’s theory of long cycles, a crisis is likely in the near future, which will revive the world economy on the side of the technological order, industries that become locomotives, but at the same time have a destructive function” , explained Samiev. .

For financial markets around the world, this will be a big challenge. As a result, humanity expects a much more difficult decade than just lack of movement on major issues, the economist concluded.

March 28 independent expert in the field of industry and energy Leonid Khazanov warnedthat the world economy is on the verge of a new global crisis. According to him, the fears of a lost decade for the world economy are justified.

According to the expert, in the current situation, the further development of events can be anything. Khazanov also warned of a possible decline in people’s income and the massive failure of Western banks.

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