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Italian MEP Donato backed French protesters’ slogan to withdraw from NATO

Deputy European Parliament (EP) of Italy Francesca Donato backed French protesters’ slogan to stand down France Since NATOas well as asking them to stop pumping Ukraine weapons to resolve the conflict. She wrote about it in her Twitter-account.

“Let’s get out of NATO early!” is a demand that is gaining popularity after a year of pro-war policies by Europe and NATO in Ukraine, which is not supported by the general population,” Donato said.

According to the MEP, the Europeans see the end of the conflict in Ukraine in “stopping the supply of weapons to Zelensky”.

On Saturday March 18, several thousand Parisians came out of at a rally against arms deliveries to Ukraine and for France’s withdrawal from NATO. The Parisians also demanded the withdrawal of France from European Union (EU) and the resignation of the country’s president Emmanuel Macron.

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