The European Commission has estimated the income from investing frozen Russian assets Russian News EN

Politico: EC expects to receive 2.6% return from investment of frozen Russian assets in EU

European Commission (EC) expects to receive a return of 2.6 percent from the investment of Frozen in European Union (EU) Russian assets held by the Central Bank. Such an assessment gave Political newspaper.

It should be noted that about two-thirds of the $300 billion frozen in reserves in the West Bank of Russia are located in EU countries, of which 191 billion euros Belgium, 21 bln – in another country, the publication of which does not specify. The EU does not have complete data on the location of all funds.

Investing those billions in “highly rated liquid assets”…could bring “significant annual returns averaging around 2.6%,” the newspaper wrote, citing the document. Brussels.

However, the risk of losses also increases, it is indicated in the material. They could reach around four billion euros a year, with political implications if they are reimbursed. Moscow.

Patricia Cohen, former New York Times columnist explain danger of confiscation of Russian assets in UNITED STATES and European. According to her, such a decision could create problems for the world economy. She pointed out that the situation could set a dangerous precedent, so the West is not ready to take such a step.

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