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Employee of the wild berry picking point: in the work program, he was notified of a decrease in the percentage of deductions

Following the decision of some Wildberries Pick-up Point (POI) employees to go on strike, the employees received a notification that from now on the amount of deductions for defective or replaced goods will not be 100, but 40% of the salary, says Denis, an employee of one of the departments. Despite this, they plan to continue the strike, he said in a conversation with

“The only thing that has happened so far is that the amount of payroll deductions has been reduced from 100% to 40%. The debts, despite that, remained the same,” Denis said.

Denis’s debts for defective or replaced goods for six months amounted to 350,000 rubles, while he managed to close just over half of them. Today, according to him, employees received a notification in the work program (the text of the review is available to the editors – approx. “”)which stipulates that from March 16, the amount of deductions will be 40% of the amount of remuneration.

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“Today I got to the point, I gave things to a grandma, because I regretted it. Then he packed up his things, hung the strike paper on the door and went home. The PVZ did not work all day They called me, they told me to open a point and give orders, but I replied that I quit and work as they had asked, I’m not going to work for five days,” the man shared.

Wildberries employees have decided announce strike on March 14 following the introduction of a new sanctions policy.

Under the new offer, holders of order entry points (PVZ) were deprived of the right to challenge substitutions. In particular, if the buyer returns the defective item to the point of collection, the total cost of the goods is withheld from its owners. In addition, he is required to pay the full price of the product if another item was found in the package received through no fault of his own. According to employees, write-offs for replacements began on March 9.

Despite massive employee reports of the strike, the company’s press service called the information unreliable.

“Prescription outlets continue to operate as usual. The information about the “strike” is not true. Orders can be received without restrictions,” the company said in response to a call from

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