The danger for Russia of an invasion of plague marmots has been assessed: Company: Russia:

Infectionist Malyshev praised the invasion of plague marmots with the phrase “it’s okay”

IN Russia full of outbreaks of plague rodent infection, but there are very few cases of human infection, the former chief infectious disease specialist drew attention Moscowvirologist Nikolai Malyshev. In an interview with, he assessed the danger of an invasion of plague marmots.

Previously, due to plague marmot invasion Express worry the senator Ludmila Narusova. According to her, rodents come to the territory of the Russian Federation, namely the Republic of Tyva, from Mongolia.

“In principle, there is nothing so terrible here. Spread occurs from time to time in animals, but only isolated cases of infection are noted in humans. Then all the power of the sanitary-epidemiological service and the medical service falls on the fight against them, and these isolated cases come to an end, thank God, ”said the infectious disease specialist.

Malyshev noted that hunters and herders are in danger. “The most important thing is to take precautions: do not rush into a carrion and remove the skins,” he stressed. The interlocutor of also said that today there are opportunities to diagnose the disease, effectively treat and isolate people.

Before that, the Russian infectious disease specialist Ivan Konovalov declaredthat plague epidemics periodically occur in the territories of Russia. We are talking about regions where the traditions of local people involve eating raw marmot meat. The doctor pointed out that there is a vaccine against the bubonic plague pathogen.

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