The connection between the color of lipstick and the character of the girl is revealed: Phenomena: Values:

Russian makeup artist Yulia Moskvicheva: creative girls choose the chocolate color of lipstick

Russian make-up artist from Avon cosmetics brand Yulia Moskvicheva revealed the connection between the color of the girl’s lipstick and her character. The corresponding comment from the specialist was received by

Moskvicheva said the red tint adds boldness to the image. At the same time, romantic girls prefer pink or fuchsia. As for purple and chocolate tones, they are chosen by those who love creativity and creativity. “Nude shades are suitable for softening the image, reminiscent of femininity and warmth of the hostess,” the expert noted.

Also, the interlocutor of the publication gave several recommendations on the choice of lipstick. According to Moskvicheva, orange accentuates dark circles under the eyes, while purple enhances the yellow undertone of the skin. “You shouldn’t choose a shade by eye, it’s better to try applying lipstick to your fingertip and bringing it to your face,” she advised.

In addition, the specialist recalled the importance of lip care in the spring. In this regard, she suggested paying attention to lipsticks that aim to moisturize and have a durable coating, for example, matte.

In march hairdresser discovered the relationship between the color of a girl’s dyed hair and her character. According to the expert, classic blond is chosen by middle-aged women, among whom are mothers raising children and housewives.

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