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Vlasov’s lawyer: Court unlikely to satisfy Guf fan’s 500,000 claim for concert cancellation

rapper fan Alexei Dolmatov, known as Guf, has the right to return money for a ticket to a concert that has been canceled. However, it is unlikely that she will receive the half million rubles demanded as non-pecuniary damage, believes the president of the bar Vlasova and Partners. Olga Vlasov. She assessed the chances of compensation in an interview with

Formerly a fan of Guf deposit against the artist in court because of the frequent cancellations of his concert in Moscow, demanding compensation for moral damage in the amount of 500,000 rubles. It is known that a fan flew to Moscow since Indonesia on the dates indicated in order to get to the performance of the performer, however, the organizers announced the postponement of the performance.

Buying a ticket to a concert, match or show, a citizen enters into an agreement for the provision of entertainment services, Vlasova said. Accordingly, its relationship with the event organizer and the ticket seller is subject to the law “on the protection of consumer rights”. According to paragraph 1 of article No. 28, if the event for which they paid did not take place, the obligation to return the money for the tickets is fully justified.

“She has the possibility of requesting reimbursement for a canceled concert. However, for this you need to document all its costs. When the court grants the request, the concert organizer has 10 days to make the payments (article n° 31). In addition, the organizer is obliged to pay 3% of the lost ticket price for each day of delay (Article No. 28, paragraph 5),” explained the lawyer.

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The interlocutor of added that the organizer is obliged to notify the new date of the concert if the event is postponed. In the event that the performance is postponed indefinitely, the viewer also has the right to demand a refund of the ticket, she noted.

“As for non-pecuniary damage in the amount of 500,000 rubles, the court is unlikely to satisfy the claim in this amount. In accordance with Articles No. 151 and 1101 of the Civil Code RFTo determine the amount of moral damage, the court takes into account criteria such as the degree of moral or physical suffering, the nature of the suffering caused and other elements of the file. As for the reimbursement of the tickets and the package, the young girl has every reason and every chance, ”summarized the lawyer.

March 24 has become knownthat Guf has canceled all concerts in Russia scheduled for next month due to health concerns. The rapper’s performance in Moscow, scheduled for March 25, was postponed to May 19 this year.

March 9 Goof suggests to divorce Yulia Koroleva, and also dedicated a post to his ex-wife Aize-Liluna Ai (Anokhina). Later it became knownthat the interpreter’s wife turned to a psychotherapist.

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