The burning of the Koran by soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces outraged the Supreme Islamic Council of Algeria Russian News EN

The Islamic Supreme Council of Algeria declared itself shocked because of the burning of the Koran by Ukrainian soldiers

Chief Information Officer of the Supreme Islamic Council Algeria Mohammed Baghdad said he was shocked and outraged by the photographs and videos of Armed Forces soldiers Ukraine (APU) burning the Koran. He also spoke of the need to create a global humanitarian charter to prevent encroachments on religions and sanctuaries, writes RIA News.

“We were shocked, like everyone else, and Muslims in particular, by these terrible shots of Ukrainian soldiers burning the Holy Quran,” Baghdad said.

According to him, this incident confirms that “in the West today, a campaign of contempt for a foreign culture, of disrespect towards it is being carried out”. Baghdad also recalled that such behavior had been preceded by the desecration of the Koran in Europe, America and Canada.

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Chapter of March 17 Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov announcement a reward for a soldier of the Ukrainian Armed Forces who started a fire using the pages of the Koran to ignite. For their destruction, he announced a reward of five million rubles, and for their capture – ten million rubles. According to him, the Ukrainian army has shown its “true fascist-satanic entrails”. He also expressed doubts that the fighters would have had the courage to do so if there were Chechens or Muslims nearby.

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