The Bundeswehr has spent all the money on the purchase of spare parts this year Russian News EN

Business Insider: The Bundeswehr has already spent the entire budget on the purchase of spare parts in 2023

The Bundeswehr spent all budget funds allocated for the purchase of parts for military equipment in 2023. It was reported internal business communityciting sources in the armed forces Germany on equipment, information technology and operations.

The budget of the Bundeswehr this year amounted to 51 billion euros, of which nearly five billion euros were allocated to the purchase of spare parts for military equipment. These funds have already been spent and the army command has reported this to the German Ministry of Defense. As specified, the money was spent on major equipment, uniforms and ammunition.

The publication sent a request to the military department, but they said the information on such spending “in the current situation concerns the interests of state security.”

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March 30 edition of the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung reportedthat the number of soldiers leaving service in the Bundeswehr is increasing for the second year in a row. 19.5 thousand people left the service, including 4.2 thousand early: this is the highest figure since 2017.

At the same time, the total workforce at the end of 2022 fell to 183,050 people. This is attributed to the “permanent incapacity” of the military.

March 15 Commissioner of the German Armed Forces Eva Hegl declared on the necessary modernization of the army, which can take 50 years.

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