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Joana Silva, 39, co-owns La Bicyclette Bakery in Williamsburg and lives in StuyTown, in Manhattan, with her partner and 3-month-old daughter.

In typical New York fashion, we all live one on top of the other — but we don’t talk to our neighbors.

I’m part of a Stuyvesant Moms Facebook group. You could just tell people are down. We’re all indoors, and it’s just frickin’ depressing. So I asked if anyone would be interested in getting bread and croissants delivered.

A woman in the building next door responded, and when I went to drop off the bread I realized we’ve seen each other around in the joint park area between our buildings. Adva and I both have little babies, you would think we would have spoken.

But we started talking that day, and now we talk and text and see each other all the time. I’m so excited to invite her over for a drink when I can. — As told to Marisa Dellatto

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