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Syabitova said she hoped for the return of “Let’s get married!” broadcast on Channel One

The host of the show “Let’s get married!” on First channelmatchmaker Rosa Syabitova talked about the closure of the program. In an interview with Lady” She Express hopefully the project will come back up in the air.

“As an optimist in life, I do not give up hope that the program has not been closed and will return to the screen,” Syabitova said. She pointed out that on her Telegram channel she regularly talks behind the scenes of the project so that the public does not forget about her.

The matchmaker added that after filming was suspended, her financial situation “has not been shaken”. According to the presenter, now other TV channels constantly call her to shoot. “It may sound pathetic, but I will still say: for me, the finest hour has come. When I was the face of Channel One, I was limited to visiting other channels, and now it’s not there are no more bans,” Syabitova concluded.

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Previously an employee of “Let’s get married!” declaredthat the filming of new versions of the project is not planned. It’s unclear whether the program will return to the airwaves in the long term, he said.

“Let’s get married!” and some other Channel One entertainment programs ceased airing in February 2022. Then the channel announcement on the changes in the broadcast grid for the benefit of socio-political programs. In September, the managing director of Channel One Constantin Ernst announcement about the return to the air of entertainment programs, however, “Let’s get married!” still not broadcast on the television channel.

The first channel is refuted rumors about the closure of “Let’s get married!”. Syabitova, in turn declaredwaiting for the program to return.

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