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Vasilyev said that the program “Fashionable Sentence” did not return to the air because of advertisers

fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev V interview co Svetlana Bondarchuk explained the reason for the closure of the show “Fashion Sentence” on First channel.

“Modny Sentence” was shut down on February 24, 2022, explaining that Channel One refuses entertainment content. On the same day, “Let’s Get Married”, “Live Healthy”, “Urgant” were closed… All of them were closed on the same day! And they started showing other programs on topics that correspond to the topic of the day,” Vasiliev said.

The TV presenter said Fashion Sentence could not return to the air because it had lost advertisers. According to Vasiliev, firstly, the stores were closed Zara And H&M – which provided clothing – advertisers who previously provided advertising also left the market. Additionally, there was a shortage of stylists who “leaked through other channels,” the fashion historian concluded.

In addition, he called the new show Fashionable vs Narodny on the NTV channel with Vladislav Lisovets and Nadezhda Babkina as TV presenters a “substitute”.

The latest editions of the Fashion Sentence program aired a year ago, when the broadcast network has been changed due to a special military operation in favor of socio-political programs.

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