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Ukrainian journalist Gordon said his two sons are not at the front because they live in the United States

Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon (included in Russia in the register of natural persons foreign agents and in the register of terrorists and extremists) in an interview with the YouTube channel And Graham Came, he explained why his three sons are not involved in the hostilities.

According to him, his eldest son suffers from a serious illness, “with which it is not only in the army, but in general it is hard to live”.

They talk about their two other sons, Gordon said they are not at the front, because they live in UNITED STATES, and one of them has American nationality. The reporter added that they were not born on Ukraine.

Basmanny Court in Moscow in absentia stopped Gordon for two months for forgeries on the Russian army on July 22, 2022. On July 19, we learn that Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia announcement wanted Ukrainian journalist.

The reason for this was the criminal case under three articles initiated in March against him. Investigative Committee of Russia. Investigators establishedthat Gordon, on the airwaves of the television channel, called for an armed attack on Russia, unleashing a war of aggression with the use of nuclear weapons and the destruction of Russian citizens for ethnic and linguistic reasons.

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