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Comedy Woman star Kravchenko passed out while filming ‘New Stars in Africa’

Female Comedy Show Star Maria Kravchenko passed out while filming the reality show New Stars in Africa. This is reported RIA News with reference to the press service of TNT.

It is noteworthy that Kravchenko passed out during one of the tests for the project. “This situation happened to me for the first time <...> A doctor approached me, I was able to sit down, then stand up. The only thing was gnats were flying past my eyes, but at least my head wasn’t spinning anymore,” she said.

Former Russian actress, star of Comedy Woman on TNT Marina Fedunkiv reminded of the shameful incident that occurred when his project colleague met Catherine Barnabe and famous television presenter and doctor Elena Malycheva. According to her, the doctor mispronounced the comedian’s name and called her “very ugly”. The actress clarified that at the time, she and her colleague were not wearing makeup.

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