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Artist Konstantin Miroshnik spoke about the condition of Nikolai Drozdov after injury

Friend Nikolai Drozdovartist Konstantin Miroshnik explained why the TV presenter ended up in hospital. The famous zoologist assessed his condition and turned to doctors for help in order to undergo rehabilitation after an injury, as well as improve his health, the painter said in an interview “channel five“.

“He didn’t show up. He was laying there himself. He is not even in the hospital, everything is there: examination, treatment, reinforcement, a sanatorium. The ribs need to be processed,” Miroshnik explained.

The artist pointed out that his friend needed rehabilitation. But despite this, the scientist is in a good mood and tells jokes.

On March 29, Drozdov said he be new hospitalization. According to him, it will take about two to three months for a full recovery. The presenter noted that at home he does breathing exercises and physiotherapy exercises. Moreover, Drozdov clarified that he was under the control of doctors.

The fact that Nikolai Drozdov was hospitalized with numerous rib fractures became known on January 29. The presenter was injured when he fell in the street on his way home from work. February 7 scientist dump of the hospital. A week later, Drozdov reportedit feels good.

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