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Singer Titov spoke about life at the Star Factory with the words “the roof goes there a little”

Russian singer, participant of the cult musical show “Star Factory” on First channel Yuri Titov talked about life on the project with the words “the roof goes over there”. He gave such an assessment to the program in an interview with his former presenter Yana Churikovathe video was released on Youtube.

Titov commented on the fact that on the project he entered into an intimate relationship with another member of the Star Factory Evgenia Volkonskaya in the bedroom of the Star House, where the girls lived. The singer described what happened as a terrible situation.

“The roof goes a bit over there, because there are no windows. Well they are, but there is darkness outside the windows. You don’t see the morning, the night. It has a big impact,” he added. According to the hero of the project, it was almost impossible to be alone while participating in the show.

Earlier, Titov, talking about an intimate relationship with Volkonskaya on the program, declaredthat the partner at the time was in a relationship with another young man. Additionally, he admitted that the producers berated him for what happened.

Yuri Titov took part in the fourth season of “Star Factory”. He reached the draft final, but did not win the award. Subsequently, he appeared in programs such as “Voice”, “Superstar! Return” and “Superstar”.

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