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Leonid Yakubovich denied the presence of two planes, a helicopter and 12 houses in the suburbs

Russian TV presenter Leonid Yakubovich denied the existence of 12 of his houses in the Moscow regionthat various media and social networks attribute to him, writes RIA News.

He clarified that previous reporters wrote about 12 houses in the Moscow region. “Now for some reason there are four – apparently I sold part of it. I actually have a house, and it belongs to the family,” he said. the actor revealed if he owns any private jets.

“I am credited with two planes and a helicopter. I don’t know where they are, I haven’t seen them in person. I drive to Minskwhere I fly Nikolai Mochansky’s Mi-2, which has its own flying club,” he added.

End of November 2022 Yakubovich assuredthat he enjoys being the host of “Field of Miracles”. He pointed out that if the work in the program had not given him pleasure, it would not have lasted so long.

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