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Reuters: Tesla sued for revealing private car camera videos

Owner of an electric car You’re here sued Elon Musk Corporation for leaking private videos of motorists. This is reported Reuters.

inhabitant San Francisco Henry Ye said Tesla employees shared video footage taken from cameras installed on the brand’s cars between 2019 and 2022. According to attorneys representing Ye, company employees used the videos for “tasteless entertainment and illegals” and also “humiliated people who watched the video”. In a statement, the motorist referenced Reuters documents, in which unnamed company employees said Tesla had been recording and storing customer videos for years.

“Like everyone else, Mr. Ye was outraged that the Tesla cameras could be used to violate his family’s privacy, which is scrupulously protected by the Constitution,” Jack Fitzgerald, the plaintiff’s attorney, said during the hearing. a conversation with the agency. According to the lawyer, any car enthusiast who has owned or leased a Tesla electric car in the last four years can join the lawsuit – and could therefore be subject to surveillance.

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According to Fitzgerald, the court will require Tesla to stop violating customer privacy and pay a fine. Reuters reporters contacted Tesla for comment, but did not receive a prompt response.

In early April, Reuters journalists saidthat Tesla employees have been sharing confidential video recordings filmed on the brand’s car cameras for several years. Videos posted in corporate chats included, among other things, children, animals and naked people.

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