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Reuters: Tesla to produce low-cost Semi Light model with 300-mile range

You’re here planned the release of a series of low-cost electric vehicles. This is reported Reuters.

The agency’s journalists studied the company’s master plan Ilona Maskpublished on to place companies. According to the leaked data, the automaker intends to launch the production of low-cost electric vehicles with reduced range. One of the first such vehicles will be the Semi Light electric truck.

The electric truck will have a range of around 480 kilometres. For comparison, the Tesla Semi electric truck on sale has a range of about 800 kilometers. The company did not say when the affordable electric cars will go into production, but said the cars will be powered by lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) batteries.

According to Reuters, the largest manufacturers of LFP batteries are concentrated in China. However, there may be problems attracting Chinese suppliers amid escalating political tensions between Washington And beijing.

In addition to electric trucks, Model 3 and Model Y passenger cars will receive more affordable batteries. For comparison, if the batteries of current Tesla electric cars have a capacity of 75 kilowatt hours, the new cars will receive batteries with a capacity of 53 kilowatt hours. kilowatt hours.

In early October 2022, Tesla boss Elon Musk appointed Pepsi is the first owner of the semi-electric truck. Beverage and food manufacturer UNITED STATES placed an order for 100 electric trucks.

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