Tarasova hailed Yagudin’s victory in the show program tournament: Winter sports: Sports: Lenta.ru

Tarasova said Yagudin had the best results in the show program tournament

Honored Coach of the USSR in Figure Skating Tatiana Tarasova enjoyed the win Alexei Yagudine in the show program tournament “Russian Challenge”. His words lead “TV Match”.

Tarasova said her student was the best at the tournament and called her program excellent. “It is important for every athlete to have demonstration numbers and to compete with them, an interesting and evolving thing,” added the specialist.

March 18 Yagudine won victory in the program tournament of the first show. He received the maximum score of 20 points from the jury. Behind him are the ice dancing world champions Victoria Sinitsina And Nikita Katsalapov and Olympic champion Anna Shcherbakova.

Yagudin is the 2002 Olympic champion. He also has four victories at the World Championships and three at the European Championships.

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