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Dentist Lapushkina: painkillers and a semi-sitting position will help relieve toothache

Properly selected drugs and body position will help cope with toothache, says Yulia Lapushkina, a dentist. Appropriate pain relief methods appointed in an interview with the publication “Doctor Peter”.

According to Lapushkina, painkillers alleviate toothache the fastest. When released into the blood plasma, they affect nerve endings, suppressing the flow of pain impulses. In addition, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can be useful: their use reduces swelling, the intensity of tissue inflammation and irritation of nerve endings. Drugs with an antispasmodic component for toothache are useless

Lapushkina recommended finding a distraction for herself. “It is important to be distracted, to plunge into some business – this will help reduce the intensity of pain. The horizontal position increases pain, which is associated with increased blood flow, so it is better to choose a semi-sitting position for sleeping,” she said.

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The specialist reminded that the tablets should be used according to the instructions, and in case of pain it is better to consult a doctor, without resorting to folk methods.

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