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Doctor Kondrakhin: uncontrolled intake of aspirin can lead to cerebral hemorrhage

Uncontrolled intake of aspirin can be fatal, warns general practitioner, candidate of medical sciences Andrei Kondrakhin. Her estimate “Moscow Evening” edition.

Kondrakhin reminded that this drug is used to fight thrombosis, and is not used in other cases, because it has many side effects. In particular, he stressed, it should not be used to bring down high temperatures. “Doctors don’t use aspirin as an antipyretic in children, especially under three years old, and in adults, because it increases bleeding,” the therapist said.

According to the doctor, the uncontrolled intake of aspirin can lead to ulcers, bleeding and cerebral hemorrhage.

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Previously, experts from the QIMR Berghofer organization revealedthat low-dose aspirin can increase survival in ovarian cancer. In total, data from more than 900 women from Australiawho have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

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