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Actress Drew Barrymore comes up with a sexier name for menopause

American actress Drew Barrymore said she didn’t want to feel old because of menopausal symptoms. About the experiences associated with the period of menopause, a celebrity said while taping a show for Oprah Daily, writes People.

The 48-year-old actress noted that the word “menopause” has a repulsive meaning to potential partners. Feeling the first symptoms of an impending menopause, Barrymore, according to her confession, began to worry that she would now be seen as an elder. “I feel very confident, as usual, and I want to stay who I am,” said the interpreter.

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She suggested that menopause be given a new name to get rid of negative associations and give the word a more sexual, fun and safe meaning. “If you talk about menopause, you feel like a dry old rag. This stigma needs to go,” Barrymore added.

In March, Drew Barrymore experienced his first vivid symptom of menopause while taping for a TV show. actress Prints share with colleagues invited to the studio Jennifer Aniston And Adam Sandler.

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