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Cosmetologist Ivkin: eye patches must be warmed up before use

Before use, eye patches should be warmed up in the hands so that the active substances interact with the skin faster and more effectively. This way and other ways to improve the effect of patches share dermatocosmetologist Vladimir Ivkin in an interview with Gazeta.Ru.

The cosmetologist advised before the procedure to warm up not only the patches, but also the skin around the eyes, since a light massage will help improve blood microcirculation. “You shouldn’t expect a long-term rejuvenating effect from the patches. They will not get rid of deep wrinkles and folds and, of course, will not replace quality care and professional cosmetic procedures, ”said Ivkin.

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He adds that the patches act like a compress: thanks to the “cushion”, the active ingredients are absorbed longer, dry more slowly and penetrate better into the skin. Depending on the components, the patches have different effects on the skin. Hydrogel and gel products are suitable for removing puffiness, cream and tissue moisturize the skin well. “If you’re looking for patches that would help reduce small wrinkles, you should look for products that contain retinol or vitamin C,” he concluded.

Formerly plastic surgeon Gleb Tumakov share the opinion that prolonging youth with the help of cosmetic procedures is possible only up to 40 years. After the first signs of aging appear, processes begin that cannot be reversed without the help of a surgeon.

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