Taiwan recorded the approach of 26 Chinese planes Russian News EN

Taiwan announces that 26 planes and 4 PLA ships are approaching the island

Taiwan spotted more than 20 aircraft and four People’s Liberation Army ships in the area adjacent to the island China (PLA). This is reported TASS in reference to the Taiwan Department of Defense.

According to the military, as of 6 a.m. (1 a.m. Moscow time), 26 PLA planes and 4 ships were found in the area near Taiwan. At the same time, 15 aircraft crossed the center line of the Taiwan Strait.

Formerly Taiwan declared about the approach of 15 planes and three PLA ships to the island. Then five planes crossed the center line of the Taiwan Strait.

Before this Taiwan informed on preparations for a full blockade by China and on plans for replenishing arms stockpiles in the event of a blockade of the Taiwan Strait. Taipei intends to increase the number of artillery and missile stocks, as well as spare parts for American fighters F 16to “enhance combat integrity”.

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