Taiwan has deployed anti-ship systems due to Chinese exercises Russian News EN

Taiwan deployed anti-ship systems to tactical positions due to Chinese drills

Taiwanese military deployed anti-ship missile systems to tactical positions due to exercise China to their shores. On this subject informed Taiwan’s Central News Agency (CNA), citing the executives that came into their possession.

Eyewitnesses sent video of a convoy of military trucks in Pingtung County, located in the southern part of the island. It is noteworthy that the rest of the motorists cheered the military.

According to the agency, the trucks belong to the missile units of the Naval Forces (Navy) Republic of China Taiwan. As part of Chinese exercises off Taiwan, they were ordered to immediately deploy anti-ship missile systems to tactical positions and “stand guard over Taiwan’s sea and air defense”.

Earlier it was reported that China holds three-day military exercises, the purpose of which is to develop the encirclement of Taiwan. It has been reported that 71 Chinese military aircraft and nine warships have already crossed the unofficial border between Taiwan and China.

A new cycle of tension is associated with the recent visit of the head of the Taiwanese administration Tsai Ingwen V UNITED STATESafter which members of the United States Congress declared on the desire to send the American army to the island in the event of a Chinese invasion.

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