Stylist Gosha Kartsev named a way to tell a rich man from a poor one Russian News FR

Stylist Gosha Kartsev: Low-income people more likely to wear outfits with lots of logos

Stylist Gosha Kartsev interview journalist Karen Adamian called a means of distinguishing a rich man from a poor man.

The fashion expert said low-income people, unlike wealthy people, tend to wear outfits with an abundance of logos more often. “Your jacket says Palm Angels, and I have Balenciaga. We’re not rich people,” the interviewer’s caller said.

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Also, according to the guest, there are a number of things that so-called basic bitches prefer (“commonplace jerk” is a slang term in American popular culture for people who like anything mass, in the spirit of the mainstream). Among them, the man singled out a bracelet from the Cartier jewelry house, Birkin bags, Hermes slippers, Loro Piana wardrobe items.

Formerly Gosha Kartsev appointed the most capricious Russian celebrity. One of the most troubled celebrities was the singer, according to a fashion expert Polina Gagarin. At the same time, he did not disclose the details of their joint work.

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