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Stylist Galina Totorina Told Russian Women French Braids Are Old Fashioned

Stylist, master of short haircuts and creator of the “Hands and Hairdryer” quick styling technique, Galina Totorina called old-fashioned hairstyles for Russian women. Relevant material appeared on the publication’s website The voice.

Thus, the list of anti-trends included French braids, weaves in the form of flowers, diamonds and patterns. According to Totorina, such hairstyles look unnatural and too massive. Instead, she advised looking at light curls or a smooth style without waves or high highlights.

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In addition, smooth strands and their compositions have been included in the list. The hairdresser said that such a hairstyle was relevant 10 years ago. Today it is outdated for the following reasons: a massive composition distracts attention from the image and cannot be worn in windy weather.

In addition, the specialist pointed to big sloppy buns, a bob with elongated face-length strands and asymmetrical haircuts. In the latter cases, such hairstyles are difficult to style. In this regard, Totorina recommended making a choice in favor of a square with enveloping ends.

Former celebrity hairstylist and owner of 5 Salon & Spa in new York She is Diaz-Santin appointed hairstyle mistakes that can cause baldness. First, the expert urged the girls to stop parting directly. For already thinning hair, Diaz-Santin suggested side partings and headbands to add extra volume to locks.

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