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Roscosmos: the Rezonans-MKA satellite will be launched in 2027-2028

The small Rezonans-MKA spacecraft will be launched into low Earth orbit as a payload in 2027-2028. Satellite launch dates in your Telegram channel calls “Roscosmos”.

“The satellite will study the interaction of waves and particles at the outer limits of the Earth’s magnetosphere, as well as the interaction of the solar wind with the magnetosphere,” writes the state-owned company.

It should be noted that the product includes the Karat-200 platform, developed by the Lavochkin Research and Production Association (NPO), and the Wanderer equipment complex, created by the Space Research Institute. Russian Academy of Sciences.

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At present, NPO Lavochkin has completed the assembly of a satellite mock-up for vibrodynamic testing, while IKI is currently producing models for device design and development.

In March Roscosmos informedthat the Luch-5X relay satellite was successfully launched into orbit.

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