Soros’ son got repeated access to the White House – NYP – Reuters

Alexander Soros, the son of billionaire and longtime Democratic Party donor George Soros, has made at least fourteen visits to the White House since Joe Biden took office, according to publicly available visitor logs viewed by the New York Post.

The younger Soros, 37, who is also a noted fundraiser on behalf of the Democratic Party, has met with Biden administration officials at least twelve times in the past year, according to recently updated newspapers. He also visited twice in 2021.

Alexander Soros is the president of the liberal Open Society Foundations, whose mandate he says is to provide grants to causes that promote “the growth of inclusive and vibrant democracies”.

His father George Soros established the foundation, which has distributed more than $32 billion to various causes supporting liberal issues since 1998. political interference.

“[He has done] enormous damage to our country,” said Mike Howell of the Conservative Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project, speaking about George Soros and published by the New York Post on Saturday. “Soros’ agenda is one of death and destruction in the name of opening borders and ending Western civilization.”

The nature of Alexander Soros’ visits to the White House include a meeting last December 1 with Nina Srivastava, the assistant to former Biden chief of staff Ron Klain. Later that evening, Soros was among 330 attendees at a state dinner honoring French President Emmanuel Macron, records show.

A day later, Soros Junior met with Mariana Adame, who advises Presidential adviser Joe Biden, as well as Deputy National Security Advisor Johnathan Finer, according to the newspapers. The content of the meetings remains unclear, and the White House did not respond to inquiries from the New York Post.

“Throughout the White House, there’s a Soros held somewhere,” George Soros critic Matt Palumbo also told the Post. “[Alexander] is his father’s new ambassador.

The elder Soros came under fire again recently from right-wing critics after it was revealed he had donated $1 million to a political action committee which later backed Alvin Bragg – the prosecutor of Manhattan pursuing a criminal conviction of Donald Trump. Soros denies directly funding Bragg or even knowing who he was.

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