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TechSpot: File Explorer in Windows 11 Stopped Closing Due to a Bug

Current users of the operating system of Microsoft talked about the problem with the built-in program “Explorer”. On this subject informed TechSpot Edition.

According to journalists from the portal, visitors Reddit brought attention to the issue in early 2023. Users have complained that the built-in file manager has stopped closing – occasionally Explorer comes to the foreground of the desktop by itself, which hijacks the attention to interaction with the operating system. The authors of the media have confirmed that the error is still valid.

The post on Reddit noted that the program may open as a main window several times a day. According to experts, this is not a critical error, but it interferes with working with the system. The authors noted that it is especially unpleasant when the window with the “explorer” appears parallel to the current game.

As a temporary solution to the problem, journalists recommended forcibly closing the file manager after each interaction with it. Microsoft said it is aware of the bug and is working on a fix.

End of March became knownthat a bug in a major Windows 11 update slowed down the SSD. Microsoft Support said the issues only affected certain ADATA-branded drives and advised temporarily uninstalling the update.

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