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From April 1, social pensions will increase in Russia

From April 1 to Russia social pensions will increase. Indexing provided by resolution government. In total, they will increase by 13.5% over the year.

This measure will affect more than four million people. For it in the budget Social funds almost 15.6 billion rubles are provided. When indexing, the increase in the living wage for a pensioner for 2022 was taken into account. The average annual social pension will be 12,560 rubles.

These payments are due to citizens who do not have sufficient experience to accumulate an insurance pension. In addition, these payments are due to people with disabilities and those who have lost their breadwinners.

As for active pensioners, their pensions will be increased at the end of the summer. “From August 1, pensions will be recalculated for working pensioners – those who worked the previous year. For them, the pension will increase taking into account the insurance premiums paid by the employer. said vice-chairman of the committee Federation Council for social policy Elena Bibikova.

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