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Arrested in Latvia, author of Russian-language YouTube channel Kirill Fedorov appeared in Moscow

Author of the Russian-language YouTube channel “History of Weapons” Kirill Fedorov (recognized in RF foreign official)previously arrested by the authorities Latviashowed up in Moscow. About this he informed in the Telegram channel “War History Weapons”.

The blogger posted a video showing him walking around the capital of the night. In particular, the Government House and Hotel Ukraine buildings appear in the background.

Fedorov promised to reveal the details of his arrest in the near future. He warned that “for many [его история] will be a great discovery, for someone a revelation, and for someone a confirmation.

Fyodorova stopped V Riga in March 2022. He was in charge of cooperation with Russia. In addition, the observer, who did not hide his sympathy for Russia, as a Latvian citizen, was to be accused of treason. After several months of investigation, he was released on bail.

Russian Foreign Ministrycommenting on the blogger’s arrest, Express indignation at the flagrant violation of fundamental human rights in Latvia.

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