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Khinshtein: Unblocking Twitter before deleting banned content is against the laws of the Russian Federation

Committee leader State Duma information policy Alexander Khinstein commented on the possibility of unblocking the social network Twitter by Russia. He wrote about it in his Telegram-channel.

Khinshtein liked the idea of ​​unblocking Twitter and pointed out that the move is against Russian laws if the social network refuses to remove banned content.

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“So far, the social network has not removed as required Roskomnadzor more than 1.3 thousand banned materials… Unblocking it without removing the banned content would be against Russian law,” the State Duma deputy said.

The parliamentarian added that to unblock the social network, it was not necessary to address the general prosecutor’s office, but to the administration of the company.

Earlier it was reported that Russian MPs from all factions urged unblock twitter. With a corresponding request, they turned to the Prosecutor General of Russia Igor Krasnov.

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