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VK opens an exhibition of contemporary digital art

For all VKontakte users, an online exhibition of contemporary digital art VK “Supernovae”, timed to coincide with Cosmonautics Day, has opened. This was reported in a press release from the company, received by the editors of

23 works were included in the virtual exhibition, they can be viewed for free in the special Supernova service on the VK Holidays community page. Among the topics of the works are signals from distant galaxies, redesigning spaceships, images of space portals, travels through the Universe, hypotheses about the appearance of extraterrestrial beings, and much more.

“For the past ten years, contemporary art in Russia is actively developing, thanks in particular to the authors and institutions that systematically invest their resources and expertise in this development. In the global context, we are not left out: we have contemporary art museums, fairs, galleries, collectors and patrons, many young and talented artists appear every year. At the “Supernovae” exhibition, you can see young authors who will be exhibited together with already known authors. This is only possible thanks to the openness of the project,” said Sabina Chagina, curator of the exhibition.

The jury evaluated the works of contemporary Russian artists for three weeks. A total of more than 350 entries were received for the competition, including works made in the formats of pixel art, video graphics, digital photography, paintings drawn with paint and finalized with the help of computer editors. The main principles that guided the experts in the evaluation are originality, innovation, artistic individuality and mastery of modern digital art tools.

The expert jury included artist Misha Most, his colleague Aristarkh Chernyshev, creative director of Radugadesign studio and curator of VK’s Prostor open authoring platform Ivan Nefedkin; artist, exhibition curator, professor of screen arts at the school of design NRU HSE Kirill Preobrazhensky; CEO for working with communities in the field of culture and art VK Alexandra Zvezdina.

Anyone could apply to participate in the exhibition: to pass the competitive selection, the works had to be made using digital technologies and correspond to the theme of space.

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