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VK Clips service has launched a unique experience creator

The VK Clips service was the first to release a new feature – a unique impression generator that will allow you to select content for the user in a new way. This was reported in a press release from the company, received by the editors of

In order to activate the new feature in the Russian social network, you need to click on the animated builder icon in the upper right corner of the stream. Next, you need to choose the videos you want to watch. After that, the machine learning algorithms will instantly start reconstructing the stream and offer a personalized selection of content based on the user’s mood.

In the experience builder, the user can select the mood and content they want to display. For example, there are functions to find videos to “get stuck”, “learn” or “surprise”. Also in this tab you can choose the mood – happy, active, sad or neutral. The specified parameters, according to which content is selected, will be valid for one hour. At any time, the function can be deactivated or extended.

“Viewers can watch videos in the ‘here and now’ atmosphere, depending on the mood of the moment or the corresponding situations: laughing, watching a new trend, learning something useful. This approach makes VK Clips an even more personalized service that takes into account the most diverse needs and moods of the audience, offering the most relevant content – what you need and when you need it,” Marina Krasnova said. , CEO of VKontakte and VK Clips. .

Formerly VK announcement the launch of the digital teacher map, a new service that will bring together teachers from across the country, help them share their experiences and develop the education sector. The service was created on the basis of the VK Mini Apps open platform.

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