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NF Group: luxury accommodation in Sochi is more expensive than in New York

Sochi entered the top three cities in the world with the highest prices for luxury housing, surpassing new York. This is reported RBC with reference to the NF group study.

The rating is based on data from The Wealth Report 2023, which calculates how many square meters of new luxury homes can be purchased in popular markets around the world for $1 million. According to the results of 2022, in the first place was monacowhere for the specified amount it will be possible to buy 17 “squares”, on the second – hong kong. Sochi closed the top three with 29 “squares”. In New York, you can buy three square meters more.

According to the company’s forecast, in 2023 Sochi will remain the main city of demand among buyers of luxury housing in Russia. In 2022, about 70 luxury apartments were sold in the resort town, which is 42% less than the record result of 2021. The average cost of a “square” amounts to 2.4 million rubles, the range price ranges from 1.4 to 4.2 million rubles. According to partner NF Groupe Olga Shirokova, against the background of worldwide movement restrictions for Russians and other factors in Sochi, there are prerequisites for an increase in demand, however, very high prices for luxury real estate will deter buyers. There is a shift in demand towards dubai And Türkiye.

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Moscow took 12th place in the most expensive cities with the highest prices for expensive housing. In the capital, one million dollars buys 46 square meters. At the same time, there is a significant difference between different districts of Moscow. At the Patriarch’s Ponds, such a budget will allow to buy 21 “squares”, and at Sretenka – 39 “squares”. The Danilovsky district turned out to be the most profitable for the purchase of luxury real estate, where a million dollars cost 84 meters. The capital of Russia entered the top ten cities of the world in terms of the growth of prices for expensive housing – during the year they increased by 13.2%. NF Group predicts that in 2023 the price of luxury real estate in Moscow will increase by another 3%.

Most notably in 2022, luxury housing prices have increased in Dubai – plus 44.2%. The city took 18th place in the ranking of cities with the most expensive real estate, you can buy 105 “squares” for a million dollars. Experts estimate that Dubai will maintain its leadership in terms of price growth this year, the price of luxury housing could increase by another 13.5%.

Earlier it was reported that Muscovites have become be more interested luxury accommodation. According to the January-February results, eight percent more transactions for the rental of such real estate were concluded compared to the same period in 2022.

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