Sochi airport began to receive delayed flights due to bad weather Russian News EN

The airport in the resort town of Sochi began to receive delayed flights due to fog

Airport in the seaside town Sochi started accepting flights that were previously delayed due to bad weather. Registrations have already started for flights postponed due to heavy fog. This was said in the company Aerodinamika, which manages Sochi airports, Anapa And Krasnodartransmits CASS.

“Since 11:00 a.m., visibility has improved in the airport area. The airport received four flights. Delayed flights began to depart from alternate airfields. In the near future they will arrive in Sochi, ”the message reads. Experts forecast normal visibility to continue until 6:00 p.m. on Sunday – then fog could increase again.

Earlier on Saturday, March 18, heavy fog was reported in Sochi, which prevented planes from taking off and landing. Sunday evening, only 2 flights out of the 57 planned were carried out, for the moment 51 flights have been canceled, 46 others have been delayed. We are talking about both domestic and international flights – in Armenia, Egypt And United Arab Emirates.

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