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Singer FAVLAV admitted she underestimates the work of DJs, but changed her mind

Singer FAVLAV (real name – Polina Favorskaya) admitted that she underestimated the work of DJs, but changed her mind. She shared the details in an interview with “Sound Media”.

According to the performer, last year she was invited to perform a set, before that she turned to the musician ZYOMKA for lessons. “And a new world opened up to me. Absolutely not as easy as I thought! What shades! It captivated me and I fell in love from the first lesson. I got the whole DJing joke! It’s like you control the crowd with the music you love,” FAVLAV shared.

Favorskaya also called DJing a real and complex art, where you have to be able to build compositions during a show so people don’t leave the dance floor.

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