Singer Dmitry Koldun called modern foreign music comic Russian News FR

Performer Dmitry Koldun compared modern foreign music with comics and salad

Belarusian singer Dmitry Koldoun, who took sixth place at Eurovision 2007, shared his opinion on foreign music. Artist’s words son Channel Five.

The wizard said the modern music industry reminds him of a treadmill releasing songs at high speed. At the same time, he noted that before everything was different. The performer compared the new musical production with comics and salad.

“It seems to me that now the music of the world is more like a comic strip, when the character-musicians replace each other at very high speed. There was a time of stars at the time, certain bands – like Queen, Metallica, completely different bands. Even michael jackson. Now there is more salad,” Koldun said.

In May 2022 Dmitry Koldun declared on the politicization of the Eurovision Song Contest. The artist noted that it is difficult for him to talk about not participating in a musical competition Russia And Belarus in 2022. He considered that “this question is not musical at all”.

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