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Serbian activist and composer Rajkovic called on NATO to dissolve

Serbian activist and composer Milos Rajkovic called for UNITED STATES stop indirect aggression against RussiaA NATO – self-dissolution. Reports about it RIA News.

“I also call on NATO, which is made up of countries that have bombed Serbia 24 years ago, disband,” he said. According to the activist, the North Atlantic Alliance is also responsible for destroying the statehood of countries such as Libya And Iraq.

Rajckovic stressed that the money the United States spends on the war machine should be used to educate and improve the lives of Americans. He pointed out that the standard of living in the United States is falling.

The activist also spoke out in favor of the regions’ right to self-determination, citing as an example the territories that became part of Russia by the will of the people.

Previously, columnist Lily Bayer, in her article for the US edition of Politico writingthat the shortage of ammunition at NATO, caused by the conflict in Ukrainemay lead to a split in the alliance.

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